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Mel Gibson Receives Death Threat for Exposing Hollywood’s Elite Pedophile Ring?


In 2017, Mel Gibson exposed Hollywood and its connection to the elite pedophile ring and said in a statement that Hollywood is a “den of parasites who feed on the blood of children”. After his statement went viral, the elite establishment and the mainstream media tried every move to silence him, claiming that it was “fake news”. The people behind the ruthless attack on Gibson went on a scraping campaign of every video on the internet that is related to his statement and expose it while also spreading all kinds of lies and smear tactics against him.


Today, he is being featured in various alternative news again for being part of the production of the film “Sound of Freedom”, a movie about Tim Ballard, a former government agent who founded “Operation Underground Railroad”, an organization that works with the law enforcers to rescue children being abused and being trafficked for sex. Gibson helped in the final editing of the film, according to Ballard himself.

Because Gibson participates in this growing campaign against child sex trafficking, which involved some of the wealthiest people in business and politics in America and Europe, Gibson claims that his life is currently under threat again.

As stated by the reporter, “Mel Gibson is living in fear for his life after trying to expose an elite pedophile ring operating at the heart of the Hollywood system”.

Last month, the elite media establishment tried to spread lies again claiming that Mel Gibson is not involved in any documentary project that exposes child trafficking and pedophilia. Many celebrities and media personalities, however, do not believe this blatant lie by fact-checkers and other corporate elite lapdogs that try to conceal this very sickening reality about elite pedophilia and sexual abuse. From Associated Press to MSN to TikTok, headlines popped up denying his participation in the project. However, according to Tim Ballard himself:  

“I told Mel (Gibson), I said you got to help me this is going to be expensive I won’t ask you for direct donation but can you help me film this? You know this film was happening so we can get people to understand and they can support us. He said no problem. He helped us get set up and started filming. Four months later, what I thought was going to be maybe a documentary about Ukraine ends up being a four-part docu-series that’s almost done. It’s being produced by DNA films and executive produced by Tony Robbins.

That’s how crazy it got and how prophetic my wife was when I showed up in Ukraine with a list of, I think 20 names, the Ukrainians countered me and gave me over 10,000 names of orphans that they didn’t know where they were because of the chaos caused by War…”

In many cases, child kidnapping is done during a crisis; after a catastrophic event such as a hurricane or a war. According to Ballard, traffickers call it “harvest time”. Human trafficking is a “32 billion dollar a year business” and it is “the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world”, Ballard added.

In the US alone, hundreds of thousands of children are missing every year. Many of these children end up being trafficked either by organized criminals or by individuals. Through the hands of their traffickers and the pedophiles that use them, these children are being subjected to activities that are way so beyond horror.

At the end of June, Mel Gibson released a video urging people to watch the movie Sound of Freedom as a “first step” in eradicating the horrible crime of child sex trafficking. According to Gibson: 

“One of the most disturbing problems of our world today is human trafficking, particularly the trafficking of children. Our future is our children. Now the first step in eradicating this crime is awareness. Go see Sound of Freedom.”

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