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Apostate Prophet and David Wood on Andrew Tate’s Lies in the Tucker Carlson Interview


Just a week ago, Tucker Carlson, a controversial former Fox News reporter and commentator did a two-and-a-half-hour interview with Andrew Tate, the co-founder of Pimping Hoes Degree (PHD), an online platform which, according to Tate himself, “teaches men how to get a girlfriend for a sexual relationship and convince them later to work for a web cam business”, also known as “only fan”, which he himself owns one.    


Andrew Tate is one of the Tate brothers currently being charged with human trafficking, physical and psychological abuse, coercion, and rape and who is now under house arrest in Romania along with his brother, Tristan Tate, and two of their employees. The charges are now advancing in the court, opening up opportunities to more complainants who are brave enough to fight back against the Tates. 

Immediately after watching or hearing about the interview, critics from different media and political institutions commented about how Carlson is supporting Tate’s narrative by playing along and allowing Andrew Tate to lie publicly about the charges and what his criminal organization really does.

According to Tate’s narrative, they are being attacked by the “matrix” because of his “empowering messages” to young men and not because he and his group is trafficking, abusing, and exploiting young women. Tate also goes on to claim that they “have nothing to do with human trafficking” despite the fact that the copy of their indictment file that shows evidences reviewed, approved, and validated by the court has already been shared in the public. And for more than two hours, Carlson facilitated Tate’s lies and his downplaying of the accusation. According to Tate:

“There’s a group of us, I’m the head of it, my brother is below me and we use

the “Loverboy methods” to women to do TikTok videos to make money, So, that we can steal the TikTok money…

I had no financial motivation, I have no criminal record, it’s not my personality profile. But I woke up at the age of 35 and decided to make girls do TikTok to enrich myself with the pennies that I would earn from TikTok views…”

Anyone who’s into the loop knows that this is a complete lie, deliberately used to deceive people. Apparently, Tucker Carlson supports this false narrative being painted by Tate and his brother. In the introduction alone, Carlson claimed that “generations of Western leaders might have found parts of Tate’s message inspiring” and that now, “it’s seen as a threat” and that the media “treated him like a criminal” as if he has no idea about the indictment and has not seen any of Tate’s video teaching his listeners how to commit a crime against women. In a follow up question, Tucker Carlson asked:

“Now, just to be clear, you are not accused of pandering or pimping or forcing women to have sex with anybody?”

Tate immediately answered:

“No, not forcing to have sex, not for restraining their movement, no, that is false.  Again, not stopping them from living a full life…”

Showing Carlson’s journalistic failure, Apostate Prophet (AP), an ex-Muslim Youtuber, stated:

“…apparently, the journalists do not care anymore. Tucker Carlson doesn’t care, he doesn’t care about correcting, he doesn’t care about pushing back, he cares about none of it at all…

I see a person here who’s supposed to be a journalist with integrity and he’s doing a horrible job… and helping a human trafficker… I don’t care who is in this guy’s place, if it was somebody from CNN… leftist YouTuber Wars, if it was somebody else… I would say the very same thing, it is deception. He’s being a scumbag…”

Elaborating Tate’s lies on the interview, AP explained the AMP (action, means, purpose) model. It proves that under international law, Andrew Tate’s group has committed a sex trafficking crime, including sexual exploitation and fraud against underage girls. According to AP:

“…in nations across the world, including the US and yes, Romania and many other places, the AMP (action, means, purpose) model is taken into account when it comes to human trafficking… it’s the law, it’s there for a reason under which, it says, if you, through these actions, through these means, for this purpose, engage in certain activities, then this is human trafficking.

If you induce, recruit, harbor, transport, provide or obtain people through force, fraud, or coercion for commercial sex or labor services, this is trafficking… in Andrew Tate’s case, in his own words, he obtained the women, recruited the women or induced the women, transported them through fraud in other places. Also force in coercion for commercial sex, therefore, Andrew Tate has, by definition objectively engaged in human trafficking.”

As validated in the official indictment against the Tate brothers and their two employees, it’s considered and accepted by the court that they have committed crimes by deceiving people, by using lies, through fraud, using false promises, and through manipulation. The court acknowledges that the group is coercing the women to create content for only fan platform while also “defrauding them and taking most of their income”. As AP’s co-host David Wood put it more clearly:

“He’s specifically targeting girls who he admits would be repulsed by the idea and his entire course is how do you take a girl who would never in a million years dream of doing “only fans” for you. How do you, over a period of months or years, get her to do porn for you… that’s the same method that that pimps use; you take a girl who would never dream of being a prostitute. How do you get her to become your prostitute working for you and giving you your percentage of the money, how do you do that? There are methods to do that, Tate is using the method. He apparently was too incredibly stupid to realize that it is human trafficking. It is one of the definitions. He’s even using the exact same wording that is in the charges of human trafficking, it’s the definition…”

Meanwhile, AP added that regarding the indictment file, there are four witness statements, meaning there are four people accusing the Tate brothers and their two employees. As he explained later in the video:

“We have the transcripts showing what actually happens. We have transcripts of both girls being brought to Romania and only then, finding out that he’s actually running this whole business…

If you are actually an Andrew Tate supporter at this point and you’re watching this, this guy is saying that he’s only being accused of, not doing any porn or not making them do any porn or not making them do anything weird, just making them record Tiktok videos and taking their money, here is the official indictment paper. I don’t know how in the world I can make this clear for you but the crimes mentioned here are the aims of sexually exploiting them, forcing them to engage in pornographic activities.”

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