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Alberta Mother Filed a $10.5 Million Lawsuit Against Canadian Government and CBC for Misinformation and Negligence on COVID Vaccines


A 47-year-old mother from Lethbridge, Alberta named Carrie Sakamoto has filed a $10.5 million lawsuit against Canadian government agencies and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) over “negligence, dissemination of false and incomplete information, and censorship of reliable information about vaccine injuries” related to COVID-19 and vaccines.


According to the lawsuit filed, the defendants, which includes the “federal minister of Health, the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Health Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Dr. Celia Lourenco, and Alberta Health Services “provided information they knew to be false and incomplete, and that they censored and suppressed truthful and reliable information about vaccine injuries which caused harm to Ms. Sakamoto”.

In an interview by a YouTube channel called Clyde Do Something, Carrie Sakamoto explained:

“Like everyone when covid hit, we were isolated, I lived on a acreage at the time and I was listening to all of the news we could. We were absorbing all the information, we were being given on TV and radio and with thought, my husband and I decided to get our vaccine… everything I was being told and things I was listening to, they were saying if we took this vaccine, “they” I mean the government, were saying if we took this vaccine, hopefully things could go back to normal.”

Ms. Sakamoto then goes on to say that she and her husband took the AztraZeneca shot in April 21, 2021 and luckily, nothing serious happen to them except from the usual sore arm. However, during their second shot, that’s when Ms. Sakamoto got the serious adverse effects. She said that they were told by the government to take a different brand of COVID vaccine because the AztraZeneca vaccine is no longer available in Canada due to the negative side effects that it’s causing to people. She continued:

“So, at this point where I live, I had to choose between Pfizer or Moderna and I picked Pfizer. I immediately got sick and it was normal flu-like symptoms that we’d been told…I got worse um it moved into my tonsils and um I was put on antibiotics for tonsil stones. Three days later, I was put on antibiotics…”

For days Ms. Sakamoto couldn’t stop throwing up so her husband took her to the hospital. She also claimed she was having a stroke therefore she had to stay at the hospital for hours and had to be put on steroids before they had to send her home because according to the doctors, Sakamoto is a having Bell’s Palsy, a known side effect of the vaccine. She added:

“I wasn’t feeling better in three days to go back to my general doctor the next day, the only way I can describe it is my brain felt like it was on fire, it was a burning sensation, it was very painful, it was so painful my body’s reaction was to start getting sick, start vomiting and so I was doing this like every 20 minutes and at this point now I’d been sick for nine days and was getting sicker.”

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Court of King’s Bench in Lethbridge, Alberta, also alleges health officials in various agencies in Canada of illegally changing the vaccine safety standards during the beginning of the COVID-19 (fake) pandemic. According to the lawsuit, while assuring the public about the “safety and efficacy” of the vaccines, Canadian health ministers and the CBC conspired to alter the approval standards by removing the requirements for vaccines to be both safe and effective in order to facilitate rushed contracts with the manufacturers. Eva Chipiuk, the lawyer who represents Ms. Sakamoto, explained in the interview:

“So, the reason the lawsuit is a little bit more complicated, like I said, with the plaintiffs and we’re including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is because that message like you heard Carrie say was delivered to Canadians for two, three years non-stop. That’s right “go get the COVID vaccine, it’s safe and it’s effective” while those requirements were not there for the COVID-19 vaccine specifically… in this case Carrie took it because she heard the federal government, AHS, CBC, and all of the news repeating to Canadians that this is “safe and effective” and you need to get it… all these things that we heard for three years…”

Meanwhile, when asked about her case, Ms. Sakamoto stated:

“It’s permanent damage. I have permanent hearing loss; I require a hearing aid now. I have permanent vision loss; my face is paralyzed and has the nerves and stuff have connected incorrectly so now I have permanent damage. I continue to do some physiotherapy but I’m not seeing really any changes. I also have changes in my head with my memory and I take a lot of medications now so that makes my me have brain fog as well…”

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