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Joe Biden, Dr. Fauci, and other US Government Top Officials sued by Robert Kennedy Jr. and Children’s Health Defense

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The Children’s Health Defense (CHD), together with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., filed a class action lawsuit against President Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Biden’s administration officials and federal agencies two weeks ago for, according to the complaint, conducting a “systematic and concerted campaign” against free speech on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. 


The Biden administration and Dr. Fauci, according to the plaintiffs, compelled the three large social media companies to implement illegal censorship that deliberately suppresses information that are contrary to the official narrative coming from major government institutions. The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court of Louisiana on behalf of more than 80% American social media users, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube users.

Relating to the constitutionally protected freedom of speech, Robert Kennedy Jr. stated:

“The collaboration between the White House and health and intelligence agency bureaucrats to silence criticism of presidential policies is an assault on the most fundamental foundation stone of American Democracy.”

Instead of seeking fee for the damages, CHD and Kennedy Jr. demanded that President Biden and all the agencies under his administration should declare that “these practices by federal agents violate the First Amendment and a nationwide injunction against the federal government’s effort to censor constitutionally protected online speech”.

It was also stated at the complaint filed that when the First Amendment of the constitution is violated, the courts must intervene to protect these rights.

“Apart from the Judiciary, no branch of our Government, and no other institution, can stop the current Administration’s systematic efforts to suppress speech through the conduit of social-media companies.

Congress can’t, the Executive won’t, and States lack the power to do so. The fate of American free speech, as it has so often before, lies once again in the hands of the courts.”

The plaintiffs also wrote that since January of 2021, when Joe Biden took the White House office, the president’s team have begun working with the social media companies on clamping down information that doesn’t support the government’s official narrative. This practice, the plaintiffs added, spreads through the entire government offices of the current administration.

The complaint also alleges that the conspiracy by the Biden administration, federal agencies, and the three social media companies also “extends beyond the election and COVID-19-related commentary”, including the topics related to climate change, “clean energy”, and health.

Explaining about the dangers of censorship, Mary Holland, the president of CHD, stated:

“If Government can censor its critics, there is no atrocity it cannot commit. The public has been deprived of truthful, life-and-death information over the last three years. This lawsuit aims to have government censorship end, as it must, because it is unlawful under our constitution.”