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The Code of Medical Ethics, the “Declaration of Helsinki”, and COVID Vaccination


The American Medical Association’s (AMA) Code of Medical Ethics says that the first objective of the medical or health care profession is be of service to humanity and not mainly for financial profit; especially financial power that could influence politics and society for its own gain. This means that the financial interests of doctors and health professionals are no way more important than the patient’s safety and welfare. And of course, this also means that medical professionals cannot practice “excessive or inadequate” treatment that would provide wasteful and unnecessary procedures and resources especially if it is only for their own or the insurance company or the hospital’s financial benefit. Therefore, AMA declared that the patient’s welfare will always be the priority and not the economic interests of those entities mentioned.


Health care is one of the most important services each members of the society should have because this will help the individual function normally, therefore positively. In order to be secure from the burden of illness or even early death, the members should benefit and be served appropriately. In fact, this is so important that governments in many parts of the world recognize it as its fundamental responsibility; (supposed to be) safeguarding everyone’s right regardless of economic status. Not only it’s the duty of the government to secure adequate and efficient health care system but also of the medical professionals who took the oath to contribute their expertise, including services that would help the patient economically. Because aside from their obligation to keep their patient well-informed for a better decision, health professionals are also obliged to advocate for fairness, transparency, ethics, compassion, innovation in medical science, etc. in the industry.

The Code of Medical Ethics (CME) was first published through the AMA in 1847 to serve as guiding principles for every doctor who commits to the medical profession. The principles articulate the importance of patient-physician relationship, consent, communication, decision making, privacy and confidentiality while they also serve as a protection for patients against unethical research, experimentation, and physician’s malpractice. In addition, the CME also provides guidelines on medical innovation, transplantation, organ procurement, professional self-regulation, inter-professional relationship, and on the financing and delivery of health care. In order to provide quality health care services, these principles for ethics must be followed and if justified necessary, must be improved to always suit the patient’s interests.     

Meanwhile, another code of ethics unknown to many is called the Declaration of Helsinki. It was developed by the World Medical Association (WMA), an international organization of physicians founded on September of 1947, following the Second World War. WMA was founded on its First General Assembly by physicians from 27 different countries “to ensure the independence of physicians and to work for the highest possible standards of ethical behaviour and care by physicians at all times”. WMA “provides a forum for its member associations to communicate freely, to co-operate actively, to achieve consensus on high standards of medical ethics and professional competence, and to promote the professional freedom of physicians worldwide”.

This code of ethics, as intended by the WMA, is “a statement of ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects, including research on identifiable human material and data”. This declaration primarily addresses the physicians and other professionals who are involved in the medical study or research involving human subject(s). It is intended to “bind” the doctors with words “The health of my patient will be my first consideration,” and the International Code of Medical Ethics declares that, “A physician shall act in the patient’s best interest when providing medical care.” As the WMA clearly states:

“It is the duty of the physician to promote and safeguard the health, well-being and rights of patients, including those who are involved in medical research. The physician’s knowledge and conscience are dedicated to the fulfilment of this duty.

It is the duty of physicians who are involved in medical research to protect the life, health, dignity, integrity, right to self-determination, privacy, and confidentiality of personal information of research subjects. The responsibility for the protection of research subjects must always rest with the physician or other health care professionals and never with the research subjects, even though they have given consent.”

In the context of Covid-19 treatment and immunization, however, all these ethical principles are not really being considered. So the big question is why do the AMA and the WMA have allowed the rollout of coronavirus vaccines when this clearly doesn’t adhere to their declared ethical principles which are supposed to protect us all from harm and any adverse events following a treatment or an inoculation? The vaccine for Covid-19 is known novel as it uses an mRNA technology, an innovation known to alter the genetic structure of our species; making us a potential genetically modified organism.

In addition, these ethical principles of the WMA also states that:  

 “The primary purpose of medical research involving human subjects is to understand the causes, development and effects of diseases and improve preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions (methods, procedures and treatments). Even the best proven interventions must be evaluated continually through research for their safety, effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility and quality.

Medical research is subject to ethical standards that promote and ensure respect for all human subjects and protect their health and rights.

While the primary purpose of medical research is to generate new knowledge, this goal can never take precedence over the rights and interests of individual research subjects.”

Therefore it is appropriate to ask what the purpose of this medical experiment really is. A so-called ethical experiment is supposed to happen in a small part of the population which is enough to produce compelling conclusions and yet this is being done globally. It’s unfortunate that despite these declarations of ethical principles from the administering institutions themselves, Covid-19 vaccination not only inflicts crippling harm but also death among the populations, usually unreported in the mainstream media (MSM). For example, none of the MSM reported that just a few weeks ago, the CDC stated that there have been 3,848 death and 118,902 adverse reactions recorded on its Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) program. As Health Impact News (HIN) wrote:

“Many believe there is solid evidence that the CDC is holding back much of the data, and that the number of deaths and injuries reported is much higher. This is in addition to the fact that many deaths and injuries following the injections are not even reported, because the propaganda put out by the U.S. Government and reinforced through the pharma-funded corporate media, continues to claim that NONE of these deaths are linked to the COVID injections, and are just “coincidences.”

HIN also reported that the UK Government, through its reporting system for COVID vaccine adverse reactions, disclosed that as of December 9, 2020 through April 21, 2021, there are already a total of 1,047 deaths and 725,079 injuries recorded following the COVID injections of the three experimental COVID “vaccines” Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna. And in the European continent, at least 8,430 DEAD 354,177 Injuries reported on the European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Vaccines as of April 24. These reports clearly show the lack of sincerity from the government and apparently, from those medical institutions holding those ethical principles.

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