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List of “Natural Health” Groups and Communities to Join on Facebook


More and more people are now waking up to what really is happening in our healthcare system nowadays. You can find different organizations online; these are groups or communities by real health-conscious parents, honest doctors, real humanitarian scientists, and health workers forming alliances to talk about this issue and sharing information on how to protect each other’s health, the health of the children, and also how to improve the health on a natural alternative way. If you join some of these organizations, you will find wonderful and amazing information giving ideas about how to take care of our body even without using synthetic pharmaceutical drugs manufactured by big companies. You can also share your perspectives and experiences related to the topic. What an amazing thing to be part of!


On their websites and Facebook groups, you can get different kinds of very important and very informative articles/writings. They come from hundreds of hundreds of great health advocates and sources across the world whole-heartedly giving love and support to people no matter what country you’re from. These online information, which there are thousands, cannot be easily found in the mainstream platform or sources. Though sometimes, you will also find ugly facts and scary things that make your head spin or vomit in disgust from disbelief as you will learn how dark most of these pharmaceutical companies and their histories are. For example, you will find out the evil legacies that some of these rich pharmaceutical corporations have. You will also see that they’ve bought almost the entire media advertising outlet to keep their self-serving narratives. They spend so much on ads convincing people to use their drugs and other related products. However, you will find out that aside from being toxic, many of these products are not really necessary given that most of the vitamins and nutrients (which are basically medicine) that the body needs to fight diseases and viruses and to keep us healthy can be obtained by having a healthy diet alone.

Aside from getting valuable information, you can also find a sense of great connection from these health groups and communities. Compared to the conventional or mainstream platforms regarding health, there are not so much useful communication but mostly grooming and suggestions, sometimes brainwashing, on how to be dependent on their profit-driven allopathic healthcare system. There is no humane connection but rather a culture of exploitation; treating people merely just customers. This kind of culture happening for decades is not only prevalent in the West but all over the world. This is because these big drug companies don’t really care about people’s health and don’t really exist to keep people healthy. Rather, they are more interested in making you sick so they can profit from you by dealing with the symptoms and not by treating the real cause. That’s why it’s really important to join a community online that truly support each other in terms of health and wellness.

So for you to get connected to these wonderful health communities and experts, here are Facebook links we would like to suggest for you to join or support:

Natural Health & Wellness ~ Mind, Body & Soul

Time For Natural Health Care

  • https://www.facebook.com/TimeForNaturalHealthCare/

Association of State Public Health Nutritionists

  • https://www.facebook.com/asphn/

Association of Naturopathic Practitioners

  • https://www.facebook.com/ANPractitioners/

Stop Mandatory Vaccination

  • https://www.facebook.com/StopMandatoryVaccinationNow/

Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. – AVN

  • https://www.facebook.com/avn.org.au/

Organic Home Remedies Group