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The Purpose of Emotional Intelligence


Managing our emotions is a key to happier and more fulfilling life. It is an efficient way to navigate the world and our lives in a precise manner. For us to be able to have a strong sense of determination and rational urges in our daily existence, we must therefore understand our emotions and process them appropriately for our advantage. This is not to suggest that if we are skilled in identifying and using our emotional intelligence, we will have a perfect life and we will never suffer. It only means that picking up the responsibility on our own and facing the challenges that involve our emotional health will allow us to advance and grow in life without so much stress and drama that often leads to demotivation and even despair. It is normal for us to struggle with uncomfortable things and situations that’s why it is also important to learn the necessary skills to deal with them so that we don’t have to end up more beat up and incapacitated because of ignorance.    


If we want to make good decisions for our choices and priorities in life, we must keep the balance within ourselves by regularly checking on our thoughts and feelings. This means that our reactions and actions must be guided by our ability to contemplate and rationalize and not only by how we feel alone. Emotions and logic help maintain and strengthen our well-being and these are the best tools to use to direct our growth and manifest our visions in this world. This is the purpose of emotional intelligence. If we are conscious enough to manage and regulate our feelings, impulses, and other kinds of reactions to situations, there will be no need for us to dwell in frustration, disappointment, and regrets on the process. Understanding our emotions will help us succeed against depression, worries, hopelessness, and fear caused by the negativity that surrounds us. In addition, it can also help us overpower our shadows and other inner darkness that also creates discomforts, chaos, and instabilities on our lives. 

Lastly, our social life and our relationships with other people also depend on our ability to deal with our emotional intelligence. We cannot build a good connection to others if we have so many personal issues that are manifesting on our behaviours, actions, and dispositions. Our anger, fears, and other complex feelings influence our perceptions and the way we operate in the society that’s why having a deeper understanding on them will enable us to think and judge things and circumstances clearly and intelligently. If we want to focus better on things that are really important and if we want to have a better cognition to help us produce desirable outcomes in life, exploring the complexities of our emotional intelligence is the key and the most effective way. Lastly, always remember that emotions are not just simple feelings but rather compound predispositions within the matrix of our mental and physical nature.