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Justifiable Anger, Rechanneling, and Mental Health


In today’s world, many people suffer from all sorts of mental health problems. This is because our society has changed a lot in so many ways and our natural environments have been replaced by so many unnecessary man-made structures and have been tremendously destroyed for the sake of so-called progress and advancements that serves the economy. Anger is one of these problems and everywhere in the social aspect you look at, there are so many reasons to be upset and disappointed such as the endless corruption in politics, ecological devastation, human rights abuses, and of course, injustices perpetuated by some politicians and corporations. At some point, these are all justifiable anger. However, just because you have valid reasons to be angry doesn’t mean you have to allow it to remain inside you because in the long run it will definitely affect your psychological well-being and your health in a very damaging way.   


For example, depression and anxiety alone have soared so high for the past few years and it is becoming a global issue now, affecting many especially young people, including children. One of the main reasons is that major corporations are constantly and aggressively attacking these young minds with endless marketing propaganda through the media and the internet and it is causing so much confusion, distraction, and insecurity. On the one hand, some pharmaceutical companies are also selling all kinds of psychotropic drugs that are in reality, not really providing cure at all but temporary remedy that includes demobilization to the person who are suffering from mental illness. In some parts of the world, it is hard to believe but these psychiatric medications are even given to young children ages 4 years old and below. 

Looking at these injustices in the society, it is normal that many people, especially activists and socially conscious people, feel a sense of justifiable rage. Unfortunately, many end up in a very bad situation. But for some, they manage to re-channel their anger in a very mindful way. Driven by morality and ethics, they release their anger by protesting at the streets or by organizing events, boycotts, etc; sabotaging the economy and other corporate or governmental infrastructures, so to speak, but without hurting themselves or others. On the other hand, some do it by creating community projects that promote independence and self-sufficiency, as opposed to dependence to the government, such as community gardens and intentional community building. And some, still motivated by urges to manifest change, use their anger and channel them into passion and creativity. Many use painting, music, writings, philosophy, etc. to raise awareness and counter the mainstream propaganda and entertainment that are usually enabling or strengthening the injustices in the society.

However, no matter how justifiable your anger is, always keep in mind that anger is toxic and can hurt you spiritually in the long run. So for you to have a peaceful mind, you must process your anger appropriately without being harsh to your self. Meditation, exercises, nature tripping, healthy diets, and art making are some of the best ways that can help you handle your anger. It is important to reduce and even dissolve anger so that we can create a genuine culture of understanding and solidarity among our families, communities, and with one another. Through self-awareness, patience, listening, respect, and willingness to grow emotionally and psychologically, we can have a kind of spirit that is strong enough to navigate all these murky waters in life such as anger.  

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