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What Happens When You Start to Live Consciously?


It is undeniable that many people in the world are living unconsciously. It can be proven by how most people think, act, and make decisions on their life. It can also be seen by how our environment is deteriorating on a daily basis due to pollutions and other kinds of massive ecological devastations (logging, mining, etc.) by allowing this to happen and to continue. As we can see everywhere, it is seemingly OK for many of us to let different corporations and rich individuals sell us unhealthy foods and other toxic products, destroy our minds through television and other medium for corporate propaganda, monopolizes our water supplies, destroy the forests and the oceans, privatizes huge agricultural lands that supposed to be a good source of organic foods and even a place for many of us to live (instead of cramming in the polluted and highly stressful cities). It is a very sad time for us humans, indeed.


Psychological maturity is a very broad topic to discuss but we can certainly explore some of its features. Identifying this will help us evolve spiritually and make us more aware, mindful, cautious, creative, and productive. Drawing inspirations from the ideas of people who’ve become experts of self-improvement/self-actualization theory because of their extensive studies about the subject such as Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, Jordan Peterson, and others, we will now discuss some of the important things that will happen once you start to live consciously in your life. Learning these ideas will lead us to personal growth that would help us improve as a person, discover more of our potentials and develop our skills and talents, enhance our way of living, and make our aspirations more achievable.

So when we start to live consciously, we will be able to obtain accurate perception of reality. We will not anymore be easily persuaded by lies and misleading information. Instead, we will be more concern about intellectual and philosophical subjects or topics. We will start to develop a genuine sense of personal autonomy and will be more open for self-acceptance while also accepting and respecting others. It will also make us more caring not only to our fellows but also to our environment, to animals, society, and the world in general. We will be more attuned to natural instead of artificial things and we will value more important knowledge and metaphysical ideas instead nonsense and mundane matters. It will provide us transcending feelings that would make us more sincere and concern about humanity and psycho-spiritual growth. Although we will have fewer friends but these people will be more worth spending moments with as our relationship with them will be more fulfilling.

By welcoming and appreciating these positive changes on our life, we will benefit more from the process and be ready for the coming challenges, be it mental, emotional, or physical. And by creatively navigating and functioning on these spiritual improvements, we will find ourselves more confident and be able to transcend the culture around us that oftentimes serves as psychological prisons and blockages. Living consciously simply means empowering ourselves and opening for more possibilities by confidently facing challenges. It will help us protect not only our self but also our environment or planet.

Awakening is not an overnight process. It is a daily practice and needs patience, perseverance, and resiliency but by starting to live consciously, we will gain more control of our life and destiny. The best way to achieve these things is to read more self-help books and articles or to regularly watch/listen to documentaries about self-improvement. By this way, we will gain more helpful knowledge and wisdom and be able to be free from outside forces. We can also listen to music that has positive and empowering messages or lyrics instead of just hate, powerlessness, frustrations, and helplessness.