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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Committed $400 Million for a TB Vaccine Trial (M72) in Africa and Southeast Asia


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) announced in a press release last Wednesday, June 28, the phase III clinical trial of M72, a vaccine for tuberculosis (TB) as part of their “virtuous” effort to develop and use novel biomedical interventions for addressing “global health concerns”. The trials will be conducted on 26,000 participants from Southeast Asia and Africa, totaling to more than 50 sites. According to its website:


“The Phase III clinical trial to assess the candidate vaccine’s efficacy at preventing progression from latent TB infection to pulmonary TB will be sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute (the Gates MRI), a nonprofit organization and subsidiary of the Gates Foundation…

Conducted in collaboration with an international consortium of TB clinical investigators, the trial will enroll approximately 26,000 people, including people living with HIV and without TB infection…”

The BMGF committed $400 million to the trial while Wellcome foundation committed $150 million. There are 17 candidate vaccines for TB and M72 is one of them. Scientists started to develop this so-called since the early 2000. And since then, BMGF is already involved, in which they stated in the press release:

“It was developed by GSK (Glaxo Smith Klein) up to the proof-of-concept phase (Phase IIb), in partnership with Aeras and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), and was funded in part by the Gates Foundation.”

According to the BMGF website, the vaccine trial for M72 is not meant to know if it can totally protect the population but will only “see if it can prevent adults and adolescents with latent tuberculosis infection”. Basically, they are trying to say that there are many “asymptomatic” people around the globe allegedly infected with TB but showing no symptoms. For many people who are familiar with this misleading and obvious sinister psychological attack, of course, this is just another false statement in order to invoke fear to the majority of the public who are not truly educated about health.

As usual, the mainstream media is expected to jump quickly and promote these trials as an “exciting, heroic effort” buy Gates et al. In Fact, the Washington Post, The Guardian, and other media companies, which receives large incentives from the BMGF and its cohorts, just published their news shrouded in beautiful flowery lies the same day the BMGF broke the news of the trial, using magic words such as “hope”, “saving millions”, “gamechanger”, “promising”, etc., even though Gates’ foundation’s footprints for the last three years since the fake COVID pandemic alone have shown a very unpleasant picture.

Another reason people doubt and even despised Bill Gates’ foundation and its collaborating entities is because wherever they put their tentacles, it’s always a deadly façade and there’s always problems and protests from the people who are the main stakeholders. In addition to vaccination lawsuits in India and other parts of the developing world, the BMGF is also heavily involved in perpetuating repressive and destructive policies by bribing corrupt governments that help advance their corporate interests.

The BMGF’s agricultural projects, for example, have devastated these countries, particularly its agriculture and even the people themselves. In a 2012 report, Global Justice Now, an organization based in the UK, reported:

“The BMGF is promoting a number of specific priorities through its agriculture grants, several of which are undermining the interests of small farmers while claiming to support them. These include promoting a model of industrial agriculture, the increasing use of chemical fertilizers and expensive, patented seeds, the privatization of extension services and a very large focus on genetically modified seeds.”

According to Vandana Shiva, an environmental activist and author from India, “Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto”. She stated in her interview, Bill Gates is “also furthering the Green Revolution, the Rockefeller Foundation-funded conversion of natural farming to a system dependent on chemicals, fossil fuels and industry…” The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), on the other hand, according to Health Impact News, is “essentially a Gates Foundation subsidiary” and “most of its goals are centered on promoting biotechnology and chemical fertilizers”.

The World Health Organization (WHO), especially director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, as expected, enthusiastically praised this plan of action by their global masters, stating that the WHO “welcomes the commitments from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Wellcome to take forward development of this vaccine candidate, and WHO will keep supporting vaccine development and access more broadly through its TB Vaccine Accelerator Council.”

However, like Bill Gates and some of the big pharmaceutical companies who partnered with him, WHO director Tedros Ghebreyesus is also not free from lawsuits and criminal liabilities. Tedros has been absorbed by the Ethiopian health ministry because of his role in TPLF, a hard-left organization that became part of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, a coalition of left-wing parties that ruled Ethiopia for years. The TPLF, however, was “classified as a terrorist group in the Global terror database”.

During his time as a health minister, allegations also arose regarding his involvement in a “systemic discrimination and human rights abuses” while serving at the radical left TPLF by “refusing emergency healthcare to the Amhara ethnic group because of their affiliation with the opposition party”. Incidents related to this case were also reported by the Human Rights Watch in 2010, particularly regarding the local Amhara villagers. As reported by Observer Research Foundation in May of 2020:

“The report issued by the Human Rights Watch was scathing of how Tedros’s government used donor-supported resources and aid as a tool to consolidate power. Given the strong ethnic fissures between the Tigray and the Ahmara ethnicities, these allegations started gaining credence further as birth rates were recorded to be significantly lower in the Amhara region compared to other regions and two million Amhara people “disappeared” from the subsequent population census.”





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